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Our Methodology

professional doctors hair transplant


Our panel are professional doctors, practicing and are continuously adopting new methods for better results

process driven hair transplant


We go through in depth step-by-step analysis that helps us to identify the root cause. This allows us to give the appropriate advice and action.

analysing hair


Our methods has been scientifically proven to give the best results.

Why Us?

HTS proven methodologies

Proven methodologies

Our success not only speaks, in fact it was documented to help us improve. So we can help our customers with facts.

hair transplant less pain

Minimal discomfort

While we may not be fully painless, we assure it will be neglible.

hair Transplant long term results

Long Term Results

Our efforts stays and we look forward to great results with every of our customers.

Our Testimonials

  • Dr Aly was excellent in explaining and determining the problem. He was also very helpful in providing us with the solutions. I am very happy with his service!
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    i had my 500 hairs, KL. Dr Aly was nice and helped greatly in terms of psychology so that i would not be so anxious or afraid of my first procedure. turned out it wasnt as painful as i expected and would love to do it perhaps 1000 hairs next time if got budget lol. thanks Dr Aly and the team including clinic team. smash it!